Members of RuMAD build apps for University departments and local organizations. Our mission is to enhance the life of Rutgers students via mobile app development. If you are interested in having an app developed, contact Shreyas Hirday using the following criteria (note: we receive many requests per week, and it can be difficult and tedious to filter through vague inquiries):

Subject should follow this format: "[My Name or Company Name] Seeking mobile app development"

Email should include: (1) your name, contact information, background, all relevant professional social media accounts; (2) a description of your project and technical requirements, along with all relevant links; (3) times you are available to meet or speak; (4) general payment terms; (5) if related to Rutgers University, how your project will benefit the community.

Email should not include: (1) a request for an NDA as we will not sign them; (2) development for an equity-only based payment as we are not interested.

Rutgers Day

by Nis Frome, Vivek Seth, and Brendan Parks

[Released in April 2014] Developed to help guide the more than 80,000 attendees of Rutgers largest annual event, Rutgers Day.

The Daily Targum Mobile

by Nis Frome, Will Langford, Kenny Bambridge, Aziz Ramos, Yair Aviner, David Zafrani, Aldo Lopez, and Chris Dilks

[Released in the spring of 2013 - Winner of the 2013 NJ Apps Challenge] Founded in 1869, The Daily Targum is the second oldest university newspaper in the US. Published daily from Monday to Friday, and with circulation of 18,000+, the Targum is the glue of the Rutgers diverse and spread-out community. After noticing trends in readership and environmental awareness, the Targum staff approached RuMAD about building a native mobile app catered toward readers on the go.


by David Zafrani, Will Langford, Chris Dilks, and Aziz Ramos

[Released May 1, 2012] RuParked allows Rutgers students to find parking lots on campus. Students enter their parking pass ID, select a building they want to park near and RuParked will list the closest parking lots for their assigned parking passes. It even tells them how far that lot is and shows the location using Google maps. RuParked is currently out for Android, and will be available for iOS users this August.

RU Studying

by Chris Dilks and Nate Kott

[Released November 10, 2011] Two members from RuMAD were involved in the development of this app. RUStudying allows users to create and share flash cards with their classmates, and even sync them between their Android devices and computers.